Fiat 500e is a joy to drive

Price is only the first part of the equation when trying to determine if an electric vehicle will be a sales hit or not. And yes, the Fiat 500e is priced in a range that could make it very popular – $32,500 before incentives, or $199 a month for 36 months with $999 down. That makes it cheaper than many other electric vehicles out there, and the Fiat 500e isn’t an entry level vehicle, it’s a compact luxury electric vehicle.

According to almost all the ‘first drive’ reviews of the 500e, Fiat’s first electric vehicle is a joy to drive.

Total electric drive range for the Fiat 500e is 87 miles according to the EPA. However, some of those drives have already shown that 87 miles is probably on the low side. Top speed in this small EV is 88 mph. Due to it’s infancy, the Fiat 500e is still mostly undocumented. One review from FastLane Car was quoted as saying:

“Most importantly, the new 2013 Fiat 500e Electric is fun to drive.” The reviewer went on to say that it retains the charm of the Fiat 500 without any of the emissions.

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